About Us

Welcome to Glenmore Photo.

Everybody loves to take pictures of a happy family, smiling kids playing with pets and  of course beautiful nature..

Frankly, I started this business around 9 years ago, but not enough experience at that time. And we tried to focus on on-site printing for One–hour Service, but times have changed.

Digital technology makes big changes of the photo business at a high speed especially cell phone photos, which we all know is a revolutionary merged  technology. Consistent change in our lives is unavoidable.

Nowadays Photo Album Book, Digital Slides Show, Video Transfer, Canvas Printing and Photo Art are getting more popular in the photo business and with this kind of trend, we personally feel that we cannot get out of the photo industry as it is evolving every day.

Glenmore Photo crew always try to meet customers’ needs at our best. Even though our effort is not necessarily enough to satisfy their expectation, we will continue to improve our service quality to make them happy. We take great pride in sending our customers away with a smile.

Now we provide many kinds of photo-related services.. please view our services page to see what we offer.

If you are not sure of how you can finish any photo-related work, feel free to ask us to get any solution by email. We can help you kindly unless we know the problem solution.


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